Shaw Floors Soothing Surround Carpet Series Color Reflection

Buy Carpet for These Reasons

No other flooring can beat the comfort of carpet. Hands down, it provides more comfort, warmth and sound abatement than any other flooring on the market. With today’s technology, carpet has become more environmentally friendly and a great deal easier to clean and maintain than it was years ago. Carpet tiles, one of the few carpet options, are so easy to install, maintain and replace if needed.

The Biggest Cons of Carpet

Carpet is not a lasting flooring option. It will need to be checked for dry rot and replaced when this happens. After five years, the carpet should be inspected. If the carpet gets saturated with water, most likely, your only option will be to replace it. Carpet has a tough time standing up to heavy foot traffic. Matting often occurs in these areas. Carpet should be steam cleaned from time to time, otherwise, it becomes a host for foul smell and unwanted guests in your home.

Area Rugs

Shaw Floors Soothing Surround Carpet Series Color Reflection
Soothing Surround Series – Reflection – Shaw Floors

If you like the comfort of carpet but need a flooring that will last longer than five to ten years, consider adding area rugs over tile or hardwood. Area rugs come in all sizes and are easily removed. If you need a larger area rug, consider a carpet custom bound. Carpet usually comes in rolls approximately 12 to 15ft. Carpet is made in different materials, piles and styles. So, your choices are unlimited and there is no need to feel pressure into settling on a size that a particular area rug offers.

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Article by Judy Wilson

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