Tuscan Inspired Space

What’s Behind Our Obsession?

We are always inspired by the creative aspects of a space. Italy ranks high for bringing creative elements together into one space and impressing all of us. They know how to dress stylish, make delightful food and most of all, know how to build beautiful spaces. It’s no wonder we want to emulate their Tuscan charm.

Tuscan Style Bathrooms and Showers - Natural Stone Tile
Natural Stone and Stone Porcelain Bathrooms and Showers by Hukill

A Tuscan Transition Begins Here

A home that includes successful Tuscan inspired rooms typically consider the following key elements:


Tall door openings with curved uppers, columns, and solid wood are the first architectural elements that come to mind when someone ask me to describe Tuscan style. Solid stone is another. Tuscan design is based on nature, so outdoor patios with fountains, a trellis and lots of greenery are typically included. Wrought Iron and terra cotta can also be incorporated.

Colors and Texture

Earthy hues with warm undertone, like deep reds, orange and yellows, are popular palettes for Tuscan flair. Mix with neutral off white or beige, muted yellow and olive greens. Add texture that mimics the stucco villas by using sponges to apply the paint or plaster.


Incorporate bronzed or dark metals and stay away from polished metals like chrome. Same goes with woods, paints, stone and tile. Don’t pick polished. Go for matte or honed. Oil rubbed bathroom or kitchen faucets are great choices. Try to find wrought iron accessories like sconces and lights. 


For floors, use natural stones where you can and porcelain that visualizes as a stone where you can’t. Travertine, which is a form of limestone, is a great choice to mimic the limestone and sandstone from the Tuscan quarries. Add more Tuscan flair by choosing natural stone counters and backsplash to match.  Matte tiles over polished are better choices for these spaces.

Tuscan Inspired Backsplash by Hukill Tile
Tuscan Inspired Backsplash by Hukill

Article by Judy Wilson

Front End Designer, Graphic Technologist and Writer with 20+ yrs experience.

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