Pattern Inlay Design Porcelain Tiles

Patterns with Decorative Tiles

Achieving the Look of Mosaics on a Broader Scale is achieved by adding a custom designed pattern inlay to field tiles. Tiles sometimes come in a series that provide decorative inlay patterns that help you achieve a custom pattern for your floor and walls. Palazzo and Sabina from Lint Tile are two of these series. They offer a solid color tile that matches the design inlay.

Custom Patterns with Field Tiles

You like mosaics, but maybe not so much the size of a mosaic pattern. Field tiles come in the sizes that are appropriate for your space, but maybe you have something more creative in mind. It’s a field tile you need, but a custom designed pattern. This can be achieved by mixing colors of a series or even mixing the same size field tiles from different series. Professional installers know how to cut and lay these tiles. All you have to do is decide what your favorite field tiles are, know the size of your space and have some idea where you want your pattern to fall inside the room. Designers understand the installation process of a custom pattern and can lead you in the right direction to prevent waste and mistakes.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some custom designs by Hukill Tile Professionals.

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Article by Judy Wilson

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