Subway Tiles

Gray Kitchen with Gray Subway TilesFarmhouse Style White Subway with Decorative TilesCream Subway Tiles with Decorative TilesWhite Subway Shower with Decorative Listello and Pebble BaseWhite Subway Tile in Kitchen


Subways are classic and can capture the traditional charm of any area in your home or business. They are timeless and never seem to go out of style. The elongated tile shape sets for a relaxing atmosphere and adds contemporary flair complementing any design. A few of our favorite subways are the Liso, Riva, Metro Series and the Raku Collection.

The Liso Collection offers a flat subway tile in subtle colors that are pleasing in quiet spaces. Riva is a very reflective subway that bounces light and brightens up a working space nicely. The Metro Collection has a beveled subway in both black and white that looks very contemporary when the two colors are used together. Out of the four, the Raku has the brightest colors in its collection and works very well to brighten up a dull space. Although the traditional white subway tiles are still in high demand, others like the hammered (see feature picture), pressed and beveled subway tiles are moving into the market comfortably.